MorbidMoshAttack is a four piece d.i.y. metallic hardcore punk ensemble from the Ruhr area and Cologne in western Germany.
We're always looking for shows, so if you can provide food, booze, gas money and (if necessary) places to sleep, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, unless you are a rightwing scumbag.
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upcoming shows:

23-04 Köln at Halle am Rhein with Mardröm & Verpest

MorbidMoshAttack - Split with Hak Attak 12"

Our very first 12" Released as a split with our friends Hak Attak, equipped with a mind blowing artwork by Denis Smid and kindly supported by French, German and Serbian labels it features six songs from a 2016 recording session that could not be released until now. We are very glad to finally put these songs out and hope you enjoy them too!

s/t 10


MorbidMoshAttack - Used Up 7"

Used Up features five songs on a 7" which we have recorded in a live session in Spring 2018 and is released with the kind support of Senjaga Records.

s/t 10


MorbidMoshAttack - s/t 10"

You can purchase this record (seven tracks on black vinyl + 12page booklet & sticker for 8,50 Euro) at our shows. Or we go postal - just drop us a line and we figure something out together.

s/t 10


past shows:

14-02 Osnabrück at Substanz with Slam Harder & Bitter End

27-12 Köln at privat with Aargh Fuck Kill & Sum of Fears
23-11 Hannover at Kopernikus with Toadeater
01-11 Wermelskirchen at AJZ Bahndamm with Victims, Svalbard
01-10 Köln at Halle am Rhein with Snake Tongue
21-09 Mülheim at AZ Fest
14-09 Freiburg at Schattenparker, Diesel n Dust
06-09 Köln at BWP "schöner wohnen" with Matrak Attak
24-08 Berlin at On Fire Festival
23-08 Hamburg at Semtex Eröffnungsfeier with FaustXBein, Zoketes, Roim&Stroi&Fahrzoige
09-08 Hövels at Siegnthal Sommerfest
08-06 Zruc Nad Sazavou at Pallasit Fest
07-06 Göttingen at T-Keller with we sleep
30-05 Peine at UJZ, Himmelfahrtskommando
29-05 Münster at Baracke with Matrak Attakk
04-05 Schwerte at Rattenloch with Extinction of Mankind, Powerage &Bass+ards
18-03 Groningen at Bambara with Hak Attak
17-03 Liege at HTH with Matrak Attakk & Hak Attak
16-03 Dortmund at Privat with Stress Test
15-03 Hannover at Stumpf with Organa, Moder & Abest
14-03 Leiden at cab03 with Toprot & Downtown District
13-03 Utrecht at Bikewars Squat with Ratio Zero
08-02 Köln at bwp "wem gehört die welt" with Doxa, Chupacabra & Rainbow Dash
09-03 Nancy with Doxa, Psychrophore & Garrrot
26-01 Hannover at UJZ Korn with Sarkast & Slam Harder

07-12 Aachen at AZ with Inkasso Moskau & Mardröm
27-10 Wuppertal at AZ with Ruina & Convince
05-10 Troisdorf at JKZ - 25 Jahre unbeugsam, ein viertel Jahrhundert SJZ!
29-09 Köln at BWP Schöner Wohnen - Sommerfest
11-08 Hamburg at Menschenzoo with Scooter Kids Must Die & Testbunker
22-06 Köln at Halle am Rhein with End of Ernie & Doxa
23-06 Coesfeld at Pampa Berkelterror Fest
04-05 Schwerte at Rattenloch, with Alteri & 1st Class Collapse
21-05 Köln at Schöner Wohnen, with Gränslandet & Alteri
26-05 Münster at Baracke with INotDance & Teryky
14-04 Witzenhausen at The Club with No Sun Rises
28-03 Bremen at Sielwallhaus with Sewer Brigade
24-03 Berlin at Abstand with Colera Tarantula & Bluthuf
23-03 Duisbrug at Djäzz with Cruelist & Redemptus

01-11 Schwäbisch Hall at Club Alpha with Attack of the Mad Axeman
01-09 Groningen at Bambara wihtout Mugring
24-08 Köln at Halle am Rhein with Alteri, Partiya
05-08 Hamburg at Rondenbarg ROA
24-03 Köln at Sonic Ballroom with Conflict
06-05 Köln at Limes with Revaged

17-09 Siegen at VEB with Mann kackt sich in die Hose, Youth Avoiders, LMDA, Stalled Minds
29-10 Aachen at PRIVAT with Human Waste, By brute Force & Karma Crash
12-08 Muelheim at AZ with Hostiliter
17-06 Muelheim at AZ with Imaginary Dictionary & Toxic Shock
11-06 Nancy at 103 with Phobos & GKY
27-03 Nuernberg at Kunstverein - South Noise Attack IV
26-02 Koeln at Bauwagenplatz Wem gehoert die Welt with Inkasso Moskau & 7 Year Itch
30-01 Troisdorf at JKC with KSM40 & Sirens of Crisis

14-12 Koeln at Bauwagenplatz Schoener Wohnen with Fritzl Kids & Trigger
05-12 Hamburg at Villa Dunkelbunt with Sailor's Fist
04-12 Bremen at Friese with Auweia! & Thrashing Pumpguns
24-10 Giessen at AK44 with Pripjat, Blizzen & Space Chaser
26-09 Muenster at Baracke with Cruel Friends & Cause Of Divorce
25-09 Augsburg at Ballonfabrik - Never too old to pogo Festival with Cause Of Divorce, Distress, Warfare & EU's Arse
04-09 Duisburg at Rheinpark with Los Gringos & Ameise
04-07 Schwaebisch Hall at Alpha Club 60 with Geraniüm & Spitting Nails
06-06 Recklinghausen at PRIVAT with Cause Of Divorce
09-05 Dueren at Multikulti with Sirens of Crisis, Kellys Revenge, Salt & We Are Dust
08-05 Gent at Crust Picnic #2 (t'Landhuis) with Simbiose, Krush, Crustenunie & Altered State
20-03 Wuppertal at AZ with Krush & Eiter
31-01 Bergisch Gladbach at UFO with Serpent-Eater, Groll & Brecht

20-12 Bremen at Friese with Profit And Murder & Sarkast
19-12 Witzenhausen at The Club with Irrlicht & les Pünks
08-11 Muelheim at AZ with Instinct Of Survival & Nasty Pack
03-10 Recklinghausen at PRIVAT with Sirens Of Crisis
17-08 Hengelo at Innocent with Harry & Derbe Lebowski
13-06 Muenster at Wagenburg with Irrlicht & Banque Allemande
07-06 Berlin at Koepi's Carnival Of Subcultures with Totenwald, Golden Cocks, Feromil, Patsy Stone & Grrzzz
06-06 Leverkusen at KAW with Paratyphus, Antima Kalpa, Graben & Aesteskalp
12-04 Giessen at AK 44 with Jack & Aesteskalp
11-04 Siegburg at SJZ with Kannibal Krach & The Aftermath
15-01 Koeln at Bauwagenplatz Wem gehoert die Welt with Unrest & Auweia
12-02 Muelheim at AZ with Entrails Out! & Static Void

14-12 Recklinghausen at AKZ with Braindead & Henri Parker
19-10 Enschede at The Loch with Serpent Eater & Necromorph
05-10 Solingen at Em Kotten with By Brute Force & Human Waste
24-05 Wuppertal at AZ with Komatoz
02-03 Leverkusen at KAW with Minutes & Kezza

10-11 Schwerte at Rattenloch with Cause Of Divorce & Breed Of Bacchus
02-11 Koeln at Bauwagenplatz Schoener Wohnen with Serpent Eater, Groll & Church Of Cycology
12-10 Siegen at VEB with Sanitys Dawn & Harmony Sea
09-10 Enschede at The Loch with KlikoKommando & Post-War Perdition
30-06 Wuppertal at AZ with Moribund Scum
07-06 Aachen at AZ with Embers
08-05 Dortmund at UntenLinx with Fertil Miseria
30-04 Koeln at Bauwagenplatz Schoener Wohnen with Bad Reputation

20-05 Wuppertal at AZ with Hibernation
21-04 Hengelo at Cerberus with Human Error & ß-Caroteen
08-04 Limburg at Kakadu with Ruins & LoveChannel

11-12 Koeln at AZ with Downfall Of Gaia & Henry Fonda